Vaginoplasty in Pakistan

Thanks to Vaginoplasty, the muscles of the posterior aspect of the vagina are reinforced, ending with flaccidity and improving muscle tone in the area. The demand for female genital aesthetic surgery is growing day after day, as it is an area with an important weight in the confidence of women.

Detail of Vaginoplasty

Surgical time:90 minutes
Anesthesia:Local + Sedation or General
Recovery:7 days

The  Vaginoplastia  is a female genital surgery vaginal rejuvenation which is to strengthen the muscles of the back surface of the vagina, cut the excess tissue for reducing the diameter of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty Process

Vaginoplasty is to correct flaccidity by narrowing the vaginal muscles, and then suturing them with resorbable points. In this way the vaginal wall is reinforced, favoring the ability to contract.

The operation lasts approximately 90 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia or sedation, although depending on the degree of widening, you can resort to general anesthesia.

To whom we offer Vaginoplasty?

Many women experience a sensation of flabbiness on the inner walls of the vagina after the vaginoplasty is born, a sensation that brings with it the loss of friction during sexual intercourse. It is aimed at all women who want to return to enjoy sex as before.

The  Vaginoplastia  is also recommended solution for a period Vaginoplastiaar problems such as bladder or rectum prolapse.


Although a woman can undergo Vaginoplasty at any age and at any time of her life, it is recommended that the patient does not have in mind to have more children. Although there is no problem in giving birth naturally after having gone through a Vaginoplasty, the muscles of the vagina would lose tone again and we would be like in the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended that the woman does not have a new delivery after a Vaginoplasty so that the results are permanent.