Ear Surgery

Otoplasty in  lahore

Ear Surgery Also called Otoplasty. Generally the ears are not a part of the body that catches our attention. However, when the ears are very large or very prominent they tend to stand out and attract the attention of others. Otoplasty in Lahore of prominent ears is one of the few aesthetic-reconstructive surgeries that can be performed in pediatric patients (as early as 5 years of age). It allows the ears an adequate positioning and form. The scar is hidden behind them, practically not visible. Dr Amin is one of few Top ten best ear reshaping doctor in Pakistan we offer ear reconstruction surgery at very low cost in Pakistan

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Major causes of Prominent Ears

Some time Prominent ears can affect just one ear and in some cases both ears. There are different and various  developmental problems that cause  prominent ears. Underlying problem determines what ear surgery is suitable to create or having more pleasing looking and ear shape. Typically, there are two main causes:

  • A prominent conchal bowl, otherwise known as cup of the ear.
  • A poorly developed or unfolding of the antihelical fold can create a significant prominence.

Some patients have a combination of these two problems.

Indications : pediatric patients with prominent ears whose parents wish to improve their shape and position. However, the procedure can be performe at any age.

Ear Surgery Technique

There are techniques to solve the deformities of the ears and to make them discreet as they should be. Each case must be evaluate individually by the surgeon.

Girls candidates for ear surgery:

  • Older than 5 years old or when the cartilage of the ear is stable enough to be correct with surgery.
  • Girls able to cooperate obeying the instructions of the doctor and their parents.
  • Girls who agree with the decision to operate.
Adolescents and adult women candidates for ear surgery:


Procedure : it is under sedation and local anesthesia. The incision is behind the ear to mold the cartilage. Those in good health, not smokers, with real expectations of surgery.

Care : a valerine or sports type band worn for 2 weeks covering the ears.

Recovery time after Ear Correction surgery :

you can return to normal activities after 3 days, with the proper use of the band.

Approximately between 7 and 10 days. The first week is necessary to carry a special bandage throughout the day and night.

Complications : hematoma, asymmetry, recurrence of the deformity, infection, bleeding, swelling.

Otoplasty cost in Lahore

Ear surgery or otoplasty in Pakistan is usually done by ear plastic surgeon for the prominent ears to set back closer to the head and surgery is done  to reduce the size of large ears.  Ear surgery in Lahore is often performe for all ages specially on children after the age of four.  Some time  adults opt to have ear surgery  or otoplasty to rectify life-for self satisfaction, long concerns and improve self-image.cost of Ear Reshaping Surgery in Lahore started from 70,000 to 125000 it depends upon the area and experience of Surgeon.