Breast Uplift

Breast lift, Breast Reshaping, Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Lahore, PakistanWhat is Breast Augmentation

we are specialists in breast surgeries. And our professionals have extensive training and experience in  breast lift surgery in Lahore. The results obtained are very good and the minimum surgical risks, which makes breast lift one of the favorite surgeries for women, achieving elevation with a natural result and prolonged over time. Do you want Breast lift, Breast Reshaping, Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Lahore, Pakistan.We offer Brest Reduction liposuction. Breast Enlargement, Breast augmentation with implant. breast lift surgery with own fat.Dr Amin Yousaf best breast surgeon in Lahore. He offer low cost breast surgery in Lahore

Breast lift procedure

It is done through an incision that is designed so that it is hardly appreciated by the naked eye. The duration of the intervention ranges between 2 and 3 hours. Although the woman is generally admitted to the hospital one night, the current and future trend is the use of fewer anesthetics that allows, always according to the surgeon’s instructions, to discharge the patient on the same day of surgery.

Patient profile Breast surgery

The breast lift or mastopexy is indicated for any healthy adult women posing a breast drop appearance and sometimes disproportionately aged the rest of the body, you want to correct sagging and loss of firmness caused her breasts to over the years.

Postoperative breast Surgery

First 48h : the woman may feel discomfort and feeling of tightness.

After two days the compression bandage is removed and replaced by a sports bra without hoops.

First week after  breast lift : by the third or fourth day you can already live a practically normal life with limitations in the efforts with the arms.

After 7 days , the stitches are removed.

First month : after the first four weeks you can start to exercise physically progressively. The pink appearance of the scar begins to improve and the skin sensitivity normalizes.

In order to obtain the best result , the patient must follow all the medical indications prescribed by our repairing plastic surgeons.

First year : Our plastic surgeons continue to perform breast surgery reviews  up to one year after the intervention.