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The Perfect Combination of Art and Science

Dr. Amin is well renowned qualified Plastic Surgeon based in central Lahore, Pakistan with over 10 years experience in the cosmetic field. With his extensive training and experience patients can be assured they are in the very best and caring of surgical hands. Dr. Amin is a dedicated friendly and one of few professional Top 10 Best Rhinoplasty doctor in Pakistan who along with his welcoming and compassionate team is committed to providing the very best of patient care, support and expert results. 

Specialising in breast surgery ( augmentations, revision of implants, and breast lifts), female genital surgery (labioplasty and vaginoplasty) and male breast reductions (gyneacomastia) and Rhinoplasty

Dr Amin aim is to naturally enhance and improve your appearance while avoiding the ‘operated look’. To do this, he combines a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures and skin treatments, tailored to suit you. It is time to enjoy your life!

Male Procedure

For Male Lahore cosmetic surgery clinic offer Facelift Surgery, Gynecomastia(Man boobs reduction surgery),Rhinoplasty(Nose reshaping surgery), Otoplasty(Ear Reshaping surgery), Hair transplant treatment, hypospadia in in lahore

Breast Procedure

For female we offer Breast augmentation, breast implant, breast reduction surgery, Breast lift, breast augmentation with fat graft, breast reduction surgery, breast reshaping treatment, breast reconstruction and any other breast surgery in lahore

Liposuction surgery

WE offer Low cost fat removal treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, our 2018 liposuction results are more than other expectation, we offer liposuction in tow ways Surgical Liposuction and non surgical Liposuction, 3D Or laser Liposuction or non surgical Liposuction

Face Procedure

We offer two of facelift surgery first type is non surgical facelift and 2nd one is surgical face lift

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is best for those people who are unable to remove unwanted extra fat deposit in belly
tummy tuck

Hair Transplant

FUE Hair transplant is latest hair replacement procedure for natural hair growth. In fue hair transplant follicles are taken from donor side and place there is no hair
Fue Hair

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Why US?

Experienced Care

Lahore Plastic surgery clinic is one of the best cosmetic surgery clinic and Dr Amin is Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

All kind of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant is done by Dr Amin Yousaf who is not only the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan,  but his artistic skills can really give you a dream look for 3D-Liposuction, Best Rhinoplasty s in Lahore, Pakistan, Gynecomastia, Ear surgeon 

COSMOPLAST is also considered a clinic for a Best Rhinoplasty in Lahore

Affordable Price

Prices make it possible for a common man to have world class cosmetic – aesthetic surgery & hair transplant, rhinoplasty in lahore at an affordable cost without compromising quality care(financing options are also available at 0% EMI)

This makes it possible for people from different cities and countries to fly to Lahore for their dream cosmetic surgery. Which makes Our Clinic is a best destination for medical tourism for cosmetic clinic for 3D-Liposuction, Nose Reshaping Surgery Pakistan, Gynecomastia, Ear surgeon in Pakistan, Lahore

Our clientele base all over the world most of the local cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Faisalabad and also more than 30 countries like UK,  Saudi arabia etc to meet Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

We Care

We understand how it makes you feel when your body don’t fit to your projected self image. We have seen people facing depression because of this. Our dedicated team assists you at all levels from first consultation to final results. 

 Improving our services to make sure that you always get better than what you expected .

“Giving happier and better life to someone gives me immense satisfaction” From very young age I had strong inclination towards artistry and reconstruction which took me to opt plastic surgery. It is my goal is to provide “Best Cosmetic Services” to all, because I believe that every one of you have right to live your dreams, one of which is to: ” Be Your Best ” Regards: For Rhinoplasty in Lahore, Pakistan Call  at (0321-4945209)