Rhinoplasty Lahore

Rhinoplasty Lahore

Rhinoplasty  is a combination of two words  Rhinos and  Plassein. Rhinos means "nose" and  Plassein mean "to give shape". Rhinoplasty is a set of surgical interventions designed to improve the shape of the nose. if you are looking for Rhinoplasty Lahore, Nose Reshaping, Nose Job, Plastic surgery for nose visit our clinic

Rhinoplasty Lahore, Nose Reshaping, Nose Job, Plastic surgery for nose

 Methods for Rhinoplasty

There are only two methods to change the shape of the nose.
  1. Either reducing the volume to decrease the bulging in the nose.
  2.  Adding volume, to create definition when there is none. This allows the reduction of a large nose, with the enhancement of the best features.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

The concept of reduction is fairly easy to understand. When the nose is too large, the portion is removed to reduce the size. This is done with attention to the aesthetics of the nose to form a new and smaller nose that remains in proportion to the face. The simplest example is the treatment of the dorsal hump, a bulge in the upper part of the nose. Removal of the bone and cartilage that supports the skin in this area, creates a smooth nasal dorsum. However, sometimes the nose looks as if it had a blow because the tip is hooked.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty 

Sometimes, adding volume to the nose is the best aesthetic solution. Auto-grafting is a technique that allows the recycling of your own cartilage.


  1. Closed Rhinoplasty
  2. Open Rhinoplasty

Closed Method

In this procedure remove the small incision between the nostrils used in the open technique. Nasal surgery works well for dorsal reductions (removal of the lump in the nose) and reduction of the upper wide part of the nose. For these frequent rhinoplasty maneuvers, the open technique does not provide much advantage.

Open Method

Open Rhinoplasty has simplified rhinoplasty of the nasal tip. Its pioneers promote it by providing excellent vision in the lower nasal anatomy. The difference between open nasal surgery and closed nasal surgery is the 1/4 inch incision that is made between the nostrils.

 Areas for improvement with surgery

The term rhinoplasty covers a wide variety of surgical procedures and non-surgical methods. Some examples of what we achieved with Aesthetic Nose Surgery.
  • Dorsal Hump Reduction
  • Nasal Tip Reduction
  • Rotating the Nasal Tip
  • Reduction of Nasal Base
  • Nasal Augmentation
  • Correction of Fractured Noses

Cost for Rhinoplasty Lahore, Nose Reshaping, Nose Job, Plastic surgery for nose

Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan, depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of is between Rs. 65,000 to 100,000.