Nose Surgery in Lahore

Cosmoplast is a clinic for nose Surgery in Lahore: 03214945209. Dr. Amin Yousaf is a plastic surgeon for nose Surgery in Lahore.nose reshaping | nose job | Nose Reshape |  Rhinoplasty | nose job clinic |  nose surgery centre |  Nose Reshaping cost | Nose Reshaping surgery | Nose job Surgeon

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What is Nose Surgery in Lahore

Rhinoplasty  is a combination of two words  Rhinos and  Plassein. Rhinos means “nose” and  Plassein mean “to give shape”. Rhinoplasty is a set of surgical interventions designed to improve the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty, pre-evaluation

It is very important that the surgeon obtain all the information possible in order to correctly evaluate the patient’s wishes and, above all, to find out what type of aspect he wants to achieve when undergoing a rhinoplasty operation. Dr. Amin Yousaf will ask the patient the following questions:

  • How long has it been since you want to have a nose job and why?
  • What kind of difficulty does your nose have in your daily life?
  • Do you have any type of difficulty breathing through your nose?
  • How do you imagine the nose will look after the surgery and how do you think it will feel?

General Methods for Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

When we simplify things, there are only two methods to change the shape of the nose. Either reducing the volume to decrease the bulging in the nose, or adding volume, to create definition when there is none. This allows the reduction of a large nose, with the enhancement of the best features.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

The concept of reduction is fairly easy to understand. When the nose is too large, the portion is removed to reduce the size. This is done with attention to the aesthetics of the nose to form a new and smaller nose that remains in proportion to the face. The simplest example is the treatment of the dorsal hump, a bulge in the upper part of the nose. Removal of the bone and cartilage that supports the skin in this area, creates a smooth nasal dorsum. However, sometimes the nose looks as if it had a blow because the tip is hooked. In this situation, adding volume and projection to the tip of the nose may be advantageous, or even preferable. For Body Reshaping Tummy Tuck is best Procedure

Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Nasal Self-Grafting)

Sometimes, adding volume to the nose is the best aesthetic solution. Auto-grafting is a technique that allows the recycling of your own cartilage.

Type of Rhinoplasty

  1. Closed Rhinoplasty
  2. Open Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty

In this procedure remove the small incision between the nostrils used in the open technique. Nasal surgery works well for dorsal reductions (removal of the lump in the nose) and reduction of the upper wide part of the nose. For these frequent rhinoplasty maneuvers, the open technique does not provide much advantage.

Open rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty has simplified rhinoplasty of the nasal tip. Its pioneers promote it by providing excellent vision in the lower nasal anatomy. The difference between open nasal surgery and closed nasal surgery is the 1/4 inch incision that is made between the nostrils.

Specific Corrections with Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

The term rhinoplasty covers a wide variety of surgical procedures and non-surgical methods. Some examples of what we achieved with Aesthetic Nose Surgery.

Dorsal Hump Reduction

One of the most common reasons for having a nasal surgery is to reduce the dorsal hump. The dorsal hump is the lump located in the upper aspect of the nose caused by excess bone or cartilage. A small incision is made, often inside the nose, and the excess is removed. Sometimes, after very large reductions, the nose needs to be reduced, approaching the nasal cartilage and the bones.

Nasal Tip Reduction

When the nasal tip is large, it can give a square or oval appearance to the nose. Nasal tip surgery can reduce a large nasal tip and give a more refined appearance. By providing a better definition of the tip, the entire nose has a smaller appearance. By leaving the tip of the nose in proportion to the rest of the nose, it can create a more pleasing appearance.

Rotating the Nasal Tip

Surgery of the nasal tip can rotate the tip of the nose upwards, enhancing the profile. By lifting the tip of the nose, you can create a more youthful appearance. However, special care is taken not to over-rotate the tip of the nose as this may expose the nostrils too much.

Reduction of Nasal Base

For wide nasal holes, reducing the width of the nasal base may be desired.

It is important to consider exactly which part of your nose you would like to change so that you can get the most out of your appointment from your Rhinoplasty Consultation.

Nasal Augmentation

This procedur is used for flat nose, graft or implant is placed under the skin of the nose to increase the nasal bridge. This provides a stronger and more enhanced nasal profile.

Posttraumatic Deformities (Correction of Fractured Noses)

Nasal fractures are one of the most common facial fractures. A fractured nose may give a flattened appearance, or result in a nose that is no longer in the central part of the face.

Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

Dermal fillers, most commonly used for the reduction of facial lines or for lip augmentation. It is  fast procedure for Small changes. It required minimum recovery time.

Rhinoplasty Presented

A Presentation of Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) near San Francisco
Additional Procedures to Combine with Rhinoplasty.nose reshaping | nose job | Nose Reshape |  Rhinoplasty | nose job clinic |  nose surgery centre |  Nose Reshaping cost | Nose Reshaping surgery | Nose job Surgeon
Is it safe to combine rhinoplasty with additional cosmetic and corrective procedures? The most commonly combined procedures include:

Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty

If you have difficulty breathing through one side of your nose, your nasal septum may be bent.

Rhinoplasty with Reduced Nasal Fins

The nasal turbinates are normal folds in the nasal mucous covering that provide warmth and add moisture to the air we breathe.  When the lower turbinate swells, it can limit, or even obstruct, the airways. Since the turbinates can expand and contract, the blockage can be

Surgical Procedure in Rhinoplasty Lahorerhinoplasty-lahore-1

Laterally, the dissection of the periosteum is minimal, only what is necessary to carry out the reduction of the height of the expected nasal dorsum. The skin area above the ascending apophysis of the maxilla serves as a support for the fragments of the fracture.

  • Treatment of the septum
  • Treatment of the tip
  • Tune the tip
  • Fractures (osteotomies)

Benefits Obtained After Nose Surgery in Lahore

will certainly have been worthwhile, bringing with it the following Benefits:

Improving Respiratory Problems: Nose surgery can help a person breathe better by opening his or her nostrils when the patient has very narrow nostrils, has a deviated septum, or has very small nasal passages.

Correction of birth defects: When a person is born with a deviated septum, rhinoplasty may be the quickest solution.nose reshaping | nose job | Nose Reshape | Rhinoplasty | nose job clinic | nose surgery centre | Nose Reshaping cost | Nose Reshaping surgery | Nose job Surgeon

Accident Correction: In many cases, both young and old athletes run after this surgery, after having suffered a blow or fall that diverted or broken their nose.

An increase in self-esteem: Being the nose something that can be seen with the naked eye and a letter of introduction, it is for many it is indispensable for your personal valuation to have a more proportioned nose and that offers them confidence before the society and acceptance.

Nose surgery in Pakistan price

Nose surgery in Pakistan price depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of nose Surgery in Lahore is between Rs. 60,000 to 100,000. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount on all kind of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures specially Hair Transplant.nose reshaping | nose job | Nose Reshape |  Rhinoplasty | nose job clinic |  nose surgery centre |  Nose Reshaping cost | Nose Reshaping surgery | Nose job Surgeon