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PRP treatment in Lahore

PRP treatment in LahorePRP treatment in Lahore

Dr Amin yousaf is expert in PRP treatment in Lahore . PRP (platelet rich plasma) is procedure to stop hair loss and also for the facelift treatment. Cosmoplast is a clinic for PRP treatment in Lahore

PRP treatment for hair loss and facelift

Treatment with PRP or platelet rich plasma is for many people a relatively unknown method, which finds applications in several corrective surgeries. Clinic Cosmoplast used, in particular, for the stimulation of hair growth. PRP treatment after a regular facelift accelerate the recovery. The treatment method involves the surgeon's healing ability of your blood uses for skin and hair improvement.

How does a platelet rich plasma treatment?

In order to carry out the treatment, the nurse a small amount of blood from you. By this centrifugation, the blood plasma  filtered with a high concentration of platelets and white blood cells. After the red blood components removed takes place once more a centrifuge, after which remaining white blood cells and platelets. This residue forms the actual platelet rich plasma, or plasma that is rich in platelets contain growth factors and bioactive proteins. PRP at a treatment for the hair, this plasma is injected into the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth. PRP can also be injected in combination with a hair transplant  and botox hair treatment. Latest technique  FUE hair treatment and pigment hair treatment also used. This achieves a thicker and better its quality, creates less bleeding, swelling and bruising and the client experiences less pain. There is also an improve adhesion and bonding of the grafts.

PRP in conjunction with a facelift

Except for the growth of the hair is also applly to the method in conjunction with a facelift. The blood plasma with growth factors and bioactive proteins play an important role in wound healing. The PRP treatment accelerates the recovery of tissues after a facelift.

Clinic for PRP treatment in Lahore

Looking for treatment with blood plasma as support after a facelift? Cosmoplast clinic specializing in these and other treatments. Make an appointment for a personal consultation  

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