Welcome Pakistan Association of Plastic Sugeons

Pakistan Association of Plastic Sugeons is working  for betterment of All king of plastic and cosmetic treatment Like

Hand Surgery

To promote the art and science of plastic Surgery and to communicate to the members and the general  public, the advancements and improvements made in the field of Plastic Surgery To promote the highest  standards of professional skill and competence among Plastic Surgeons.

Leg Surgery

PAPS Surgeons provide free surgery to children with cleft lip and palate and related deformities. These surgeries are offered in all major cities and even in remote areas of the country. Please contact us or a PAPS surgeon near you for more details

Operating Session

To promote the opportunity for the exchange of experiences and opinion through discussion, study, meetings, seminars, and publication. To take effective measures to project the correct image of the  specialty and Plastic Surgeons, as is consistent with the public interest.

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