otoplasty in lahore

otoplasty in Lahore

Otoplasty in Lahore

An ear correction a widely used surgery to correct protruding ears. Otoplasty in Lahore also carried out when the ears differ in size, or when an ear has been damaged by, for example, an accident.Cosmoplast is best clinic for otoplasty in Lahore

Ear & protruding ear correction – to big ears or protruding ears

an ear correction is an operation by which the shape, position or size of one or both ears changed. Also, birth defects in the oorstructuur modified or damage caused, for example, recovered an accident. The operation to put right protruding ears the most commonly performed surgery on the ear. This operation carried out at from children 5-6 years. Because this procedure often performed ear correction sometimes called protruding ear correction.

If there is a medical indication for surgery, the insurer will usually reimburse the ear correction. In children up to the age of 13 years will gone by the insurer from which they suffer psychologically from their protruding ears and in which the group operation usually reimbursed. Even in old age the surgery may however reimbursed.

A specific procedure that is not discussed on this page, the earlobe correction .

Consultation Before otoplasty in Lahore

may ask during your consultation with the plastic surgeon, complaints and wishes are discussed. The doctor will also ask about your expectations, or that of your child. It’s good to know that 100% symmetry is not possible, but it is feasible a visible change.

Other things that may be requested by your doctor or discussed during the consultation are:

  • Medical history, use of medication, allergieë’n
  • Your current general health status
  • Whether you or your child often suffer from prolonged ear infections
  • Any previous surgery’s
  • Watching your ears by the doctor

Operation of otoplasty in Lahore

There are several operations that regarded as ear correction. The two best-known operations, surgery for protruding ears and correction of large ears,  discussed below.

protruding otoplasty in Lahore

The correcting protruding ears performed under local anesthesia, but usually done under general anesthesia. If the operation  conducted in the outpatient clinic, under local anesthesia, you can go home again after a few hours. With general anesthesia (anesthesia) you have to stay one day in the hospital. You’ll stay on the ward. At (small) children usually takes place the protruding ear correction under general anesthesia.

During surgery, the doctor makes an incision (incision) on the back of the ear. The skeleton of the ear is made of cartilage, which is a more flexible kind of bone that is still sturdy. This skeleton of cartilage, the doctor remodeling (reform) and secure with sutures on the inside of the ear so that the ear remains in its new form. The ear is closer to put at the head and because a skin fold formed at the back, the excess skin is removed. Through the incision, there remains at the back of the ear over a scar after surgery. This is usually not much to see because it is hidd behind the ear.

Correction of oversized ears

If one or both ears are very large, the doctor here can do something about it. The earlobe can be made, for example a bit smaller. If there are more incisions to made in order to do this, there remain more on scarring after surgery. The doctor will always try to make the incisions in inconspicuous places, such as an existing crease.

Recovery after otoplasty in Lahore

When the operation is finished, the doctor or nurse does a firm and tight connection to your ears and head. This connection is called a turban. The link must usually stay a week until your stitches should look like. Commonly used absorbable sutures, which disappear. In most cases, the turban may after a week off. So wash your hair you should postpone any. If the connection may need your ears still protected off. Especially at night because your ears can then pressed against the pillow. Therefore you need approximately two weeks at night wearing a hair band or bandage. During the day you should also be careful to do with your ears, such as during exercise. If your stitches are out, you should wash your hair again. It is important to keep the skin clean behind your ears.

Your ears may still weeks, red, thick and painful. It slowly pulls away. The pain you can take paracetamol. Aspirin is not a good idea because it increases the risk of bleeding. If you really need or if you get subsequent bleeding extreme pain, you should contact your doctor.

Risks and complications For otoplasty in Lahore

An ear correction has the same risks as many other operations. Smoking increases the risk of complications, so it is wise to stop smoking. Cartilage sometimes has a tendency to flex back to its original form. Therefore it can not fully guaranteed that the right ears will remain or will remain symmetrical. Sometimes it is necessary, therefore, a second ear correction. However, most people are very satisfy after their ear correction.

The following complications can occur but are rare:

  • Bleed some of the wound
  • wound infection
  • Asymmetry

Result After otoplasty in Lahore

Absolute symmetry of the ears can never guaranteed. Can, however, after the operation clearly visible improvements in the position of the ears are visible. Very occasionally, it is necessary to perform another operation, because the result is not sufficient or because the cartilage is going back to its former shape. In general, however, well  called the results of an ear correction, and patients are satisfy.

Cost of  otoplasty in Lahore