Nose Surgery in Pakistan

Rhinoplasty | Nose Surgery | Rhinoplasty Surgeon | Nose Reshaping | Nose Job Lahore

Nose Surgery in Pakistan

Rhinoplasty | Nose Surgery | Rhinoplasty Surgeon | Nose Reshaping | Nose Job Lahore. Dr Amin Yousaf is a expert and young doctor for Rhinoplasty & Nose Surgery in Pakistan

Why Rhinoplasty

A nose job (Rhinoplasty) can be carried out when you bothers you:
  • crooked nose
  • too big nose
  • Oversized nostrils
  • Nose Point Correction (a snub nose and thick nose)
  • Nasal septum correction (in a crooked nose)
  • (Extended) Rhinoplasty (at too large and / or crooked nose)

The nose correction

A nose correction (also called Rhinoplasty) is performed when you bothered about the shape of your nose. As a snub nose and drooping nasal tip can be corrected, and can be adapted to the shape and position of the nose. A nose correction often performed via the nostrils, which usually leave any visible scars from this surgery.

Rhinoplasty Types

  • Nasal septum correction
  • (Extended) Rhinoplasty
  • The turbinate reduction

The nasal septum correction

When the pitch attitude is the problem, then you can undergo nasal septum correction. With this nose surgery is the nasal septum 'released' through a small incision in the nose. After this, the nasal septum is put right and may possibly different pieces neusbot and -kraakbeen be removed. This surgery is performed through the nostrils and therefore there are usually no visible scars. After the operation are placed in each nostril tampons. These tampons keep the septum in place and make sure that his new place "solid growth". After several days, the tampons are removed and you can again breathe through your nose

(Extended) Rhinoplasty

(Extensive) nose surgery or Rhinoplasty required when internal bone structures disrupt the function of the nose. Even if the nose undesirably has a large curvature (called a hooked nose) then often requires extensive rhinoplasty.

The turbinate reduction.

There are two ways to reduce the turbinates:
  • The surgeon may choose to reduce the nasal mucosa by means of combustion of the mucous membrane.
  • Also, the nasal mucosa with a shell part of the neusschelpbot  cut away.

 Result after a nose job?

After Rhinoplasty re results achieved.  Which improved the appearance and function of the nose through the nose surgery. contact us for Rhinoplasty, Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Nose Reshaping, Nose Job Lahore. Rhinoplasty is cosmetic procedure to reshape a nose Call us :0321-4945209 or visit cosmoplast in DHA Lahore