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Lower body LiftLower Body Lift

The Lower body lift is also called lipectomia , provides a dramatic transformation of the middle and lower body. It is actually a "rewet" of the abdomen, hips, thighs and glutes. The components of the tummy tuck in belt includetummy tuck (abdominoplasty), the thigh lift andlifting the buttocks .Cosmoplast is best clinic for lower body lift

What to expect after the surgery

After a Lower Body Lift , you will stay the first night at the clinic; Between 7 and 14 days later your recovery will begin. We recommend you consider staying in our care at the Center for Post-Surgery Recovery ' Beauty Care' , along with our professional team of nurses 24 hours,

Advantage Lower Body Lift

  • With this procedure you can obtain a very firm lifting of lateral thighs.
  • The Buttocks  lifted and self-raised, using their own fatty tissue.
  • The figure of the hips maintained or increased as necessary.
  • Most importantly, the abdominal muscles tighten and stretch, and if a hernia exists, it can be treated at the same time.
  • Liposuction  also included to further shape your body.
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  • Face Lift surgery 
  • Double chin Removal Surgery

Procedure of  Lower Body Lift

This is the procedure of choice for post-bariatric patients and patients who have experienced considerable weight loss and now have excess skin. However, the results may also incredible in patients who, in addition to lipectomy, want to stretch the skin of their thighs and glutes.Belly lipectomy has the advantage of being able to  performed in a session or in stages, depending on the needs and condition of the patient. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at your abdomen. Pinch and stretch the skin on the lower abdomen. If you like how it looks then tummy tuck might be for you. Now pinch the skin on your hips, watch as your hips and thighs rise. If you like how it looks then lifting your thighs is for you. Turn around and see the mirror over your shoulder so you can see as much of it as you can from the back. Pinch the skin on the lower back and lift your glutes. This approximates what  achieved with a gluteal lift. The ideal location for the body lifting scar is along the waist, where most clothing items hide it. The scar should located on the back at the level of the anterior superior iliac spine, or about three fingers below the iliac crest; And in the front, between the pubic area and the lower abdomen.


Belly lipectomy  performed under local anesthesia and sedation, and done in conjunction with other surgical procedures.

Cost Lower Body Lift

Normally cost of Lower Body Lift in Pakistan is between Rs:100,000 to 250,000