Liposuction Lahore


Liposuction in Lahore

The liposuction in Lahore has become very common procedure to say good bye to the unwanted deposit fat in different specific part of their body. Liposuction treatment is very safe intervention which left minimum or no scar on body. You can book a quick appointment with Dr Amin Yousaf and Dr Zameer Plastic surgeon For  Liposuction Lahore, Fat Removal treatment surgery cost in Pakistan with 15 year experience for body reshaping at affordable price

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What is Liposuction

Liposuction is a treatment in which remove unwanted fat from any area of their body with the help of cannulas . Medically liposuction is also known as ( lipoplasty).

How liposuction Surgery Performed

liposuction Surgery is performed with the help of  hollow metal tube (cannula) that is passed through the fatty tissue. This is attached to the sucking machine. This is known as suction assisted liposuction. Which suck extra deposit fat from that area. Maximum fat can be sucked is 10 litter.

Anesthesia For Liposuction

Local anesthesia : If small amount of fat extracted is very limited, liposuction done with local anesthesia.

General anesthesia: you plan to do liposuction in a large area or treat multiple locations. You probably need an epidural block similar to the anesthesia used in childbirth. In some specific cases general anesthesia may be necessary; In that case you sleep through the operation. Liposuction surgery  generally takes one to two hours

Back to normal after Surgery

Recovery is a gradual process it take one week to 4 four week for complete recover. Just after the Liposuction you feel little pain, Little swelling, major swelling may last for a month.  You should walk within a week. You should also avoid more stressful activities for two to four weeks.

Liposuction treatment surgery cost in Pakistan

Cost of Liposuction in Lahore may vary depending on the area of the body where the procedure is performed,  Type of Anesthesia and experience of Plastic surgeon be considered while getting a quote from the clinic performing this procedure. Cost we charge normally of 65000 per Area. For more Detail for Liposuction in Lahore direct call to our plastic surgeon and get discount