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Lipofilling in LahoreLipofilling in Lahore

Dr Amin Yousaf best surgeon for Lipofilling in Lahore. A method in which body fat remove to stop again at another place in the body. On lipofilling therefore in principle always a liposuction (liposuction) pre-treatment. Cosmoplast is best clinic for lipofilling in Lahore

Which areas mainly used lipofilling in Lahore

Lipofilling usually used to create or restore volume to the face. For example, at the cheeks and cheekbones. But also flat or hanging buttocks using lipofilling rounder and voluminous. Or how about subtly enhance your breasts? A lipofilling treatment carried out in order to create more contour and volume at a certain location. The benefit of this treatment is that there made use of your own body fat. That makes it safe and gives lasting results. The use of own body fat is the reason it is such a popular treatment. That sounds much better than the use of unnatural fabrics.

Removing localized fat with the aid of a cosmetic surgery

The following procedures designed for this purpose:

What are the disadvantages and risks of lipofilling?

A disadvantage of lipofilling is that the result can not guaranteed. We know that some of the injected fat over time will disappear, but how big is that percentage has never guarantee in advance. Sometimes it is, therefore, require a second treatment in order to obtain a more satisfactory result.

Result After Lipofilling in Lahore

A significant increase in areas of the face, and also a moderate increase in breasts, but if the subject of the breast wants to go further, perhaps the best operation is the breast implant With which you can get the size you really want.

Cost of Lipofilling in Lahore

The Cost depends upon type and injection. Normally is between Rs. 30,000 to 50,000. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount.