Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan


Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

If you suffer from unwanted hair loss then you might consider a hair transplant. There are several methods available, including FUT and FUE. Cosmoplast is best clinic for hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Hair Transplantation, FUT and FUE method

Every man loses hair daily. These hairs normally grow again, so there is notice anything. Not always grow as much hair as there are lost. This may caused simply by the parent, or by certain conditions or medications. Many people find this hair loss very annoying. For them, a hair transplant is worth considering. When a hair transplant is a good hairy part of the head hair moved (transplanted) to the less hairy part of your head. This can be through FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation Plata Reception) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). An alternative to a hair transplant, for example, when there is not enough hair to transplant is a Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment. In this treatment, placed with the aid of pigments micro stubble on the scalp. This gives the illusion of a shaved head.

Consultation for Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Prior to treatment, following an interview with the doctor. The doctor will examine the possible cause of the hair loss. A hair transplant is not suitable for any reason. Sometimes medication can offer a solution. One of the causes of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia example. This hair loss is known as the most common form of hair loss and is sometimes male pattern baldness. Despite this name not only androgenetic alopecia in men, women may also suffer from it. There are some drugs that can stimulate hair growth in cases of androgenetic alopecia. These are minoxidil and finasteride. Sometimes these tried first,

Before resorting to Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Please note that the doctor you are going to ask questions during the consultation on the occurrence of baldness in your family. The doctor will ask about your medication use. In addition, the doctor will check your hair in terms of growth direction, the volume and the hairline. Should the doctor find any treatable cause during the interview for the hair loss, he will inform you about the different techniques of hair transplantation. The doctor will advise you which technique is most suitable.

Surgery -hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

A variety of techniques are possible for hair transplantation. The best-known techniques are the following: FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair Stem Cell Transplantation

Hair transplantation by means FUT

PEP treatment  performed under local anesthesia and takes about 4-6 hours. After anesthesia of the scalp, there is a strip of skin is cut away on the hairy part of the occiput. This area is also known as the donor area. On this strip of skin are then transplanted hairs may be a hairless part of your head. This area is also known as' the transplant area. The cut strip of skin (with hair) is then put under the microscope by an assistant. The assistant cuts the piece of skin into smaller pieces (grafts). This is done so that each piece contains one to four hairs. The physician then makes small holes in the transplantation area in which the hairs  transplanted. Within days the hairs grow firmly. The wound created by cutting away the hairy skin on the back, attached carefully. This will leave a scar.

Hair transplantation by means FUEhair transplant Lahore Pakistan

FUE treatment is also performed under local anesthesia. This treatment takes about 8 hours. What is different about this treatment is that no strip of skin is removed in the donor area. With a hollow needle is immediately removed a piece of skin from the donor area that contains 1-4 hairs. So you will not get big scar, but only small dots scar tissue. The pieces are thus first taken for one and this treatment will therefore take more time than FUT treatment. If there are sufficient bits have decreased skin makes the doctor small holes in the transplantation area. Then the hairs  transplanted one for one. The treatment  spread over several days. It depend on the number of hairs to transplanted ..

fue-hair-transplant-lahoreHair Stem Cell Transplantation

When a stem cell transplant hair removed with a small drill portions of hair follicles from the donor area (scalp). These small pieces of skin (grafts)  then transplanted into the recipient area (bare skin). The donor area remains completely hairy. The hair stem cell transplantation is therefore seen as a thing its increased intervention.

Recovery after the hair transplant

A hair transplant is a lengthy procedure. You need contrast, no prolonged recovery after a hair transplant. Often you can after the operation half an hour to leave the clinic. Immediately after the treatment the treated area which swell. This can give pain. There you can use paracetamol. It is advisable to follow the following advice to promote recovery: Crab any scabs that may arise not leave. Were not her during the first week. And do not use hair products like gel and wax. Keep your head for 10 days as little as possible covered. Avoid strenuous exercise. Stop or limit smoking to max. 5 cigarettes / day. Sport the first week after the treatment.

Risks and complications of hair transplantation

associated with each treatment are risks and complications. Similarly to a hair transplant. A hair transplant is a relatively minor procedure so the risk will be low. Consider the following:
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Ugly scar.
  • Persistent numbness of the scalp
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia

The result After Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

It is important to follow the advice of the physician as well as possible so that a result achieved as well as possible. After 15-30 days, the transplanted hair will fall out; this is normal! And after 2.5 to 3 months, new hairs begin to grow at that location. The end result is only visible after 8 to 9 months. Are you not satisfie with the result, then there are reconsidere one or more treatments. The transplanted hair is as long as the hair from the donor area. So this is lifelong. It may well be that the hair with age becomes thinner; This is a natural process.

Cost Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Cost Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan depends on area for translation . Cosmoplast is a best clinic for Cost Hair transplant Lahore Pakistan. The average cost of a hair transplant is Rs:100,000 to 130,000 Or meet our surgeon for hair specialist