Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Lahore

If you are Looking for hair transplant in Lahore? we have the most advanced technique of hair transplants or capillary micrografts : the FUE Hair transplant or extraction of follicular units . The FUE Hair transplant technique allows the extraction and reimplantation of the hair follicles individually, offering a natural and undetectable result, with out pain or visible scars. The hair is extracted from those areas – nape and lateral – where its presence is guaranteed, for genetic reasons, throughout life. Do you want Hair transplant in Lahore , and want to meet Best FUE Hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. Dr Amin is experience qualified surgeon in Defense for Hair transplant. call 03214945209 to know about cost of Hair Transplant, non surgical hair transplant Price, We charge very Cheap, low cost Per hair.

The FUE technique

The Hair transplant , or extraction of follicular units, consists of obtaining the hair follicles individually,  in a minimally invasive way and without leaving scars . These units, extracted from the occipital or posterior part of the head, are implanted in the recipient area of ​​the patient. It allows to obtain high densities and above all very natural.

Advantages of capillary micrografting with FUE Hair transplant technique

  • No scars: 1mm microincisions are imperceptible to the eye
  • Practically painless
  • Postoperative and rapid recovery due to the fact that it is not an invasive technique
  • Low risk of complications
  • Possibility of multiple interventions

Capillary micrografting procedure with FUE hair transplant technique

  • With local anesthesia, the Hair transplant in Lahore performed using a punch (cylindrical scalpel) less than 1 mm in diameter, through which capillary grafts obtained one by one.
  • Subsequently, these follicular units (in Hair transplant) implanted in the patient’s receiving area, allowing to offer high and above all very natural densities.


Frequently asked questions of the FUE technique

Is it possible to perform a hair transplant on a woman?

Capillary micrografting is not an exclusively male technique. The donor area of ​​the women is similar to that of the men and, therefore, an intervention can be made with the same results and guarantees.

When we can see the resultes?

 Results of a FUE Hair Transplant are seen from the three to sixth month after the intervention. 

Total Duration for Hair transplant Surgery?

 Total Time for hair transplant treatment is from 5 to 6 hours

Are scars after Hair transplant in Lahore?

No visible Scare in FUE Hair Transplant.  With the technique FUE hair transplant, scalp surgery is more advanced and
the results more natural. It is very difficult to locate the area where the extraction has been made, since it is always hidden by the hair

Can I get a Hair transplant in Lahore that has suffered a burn?

It is necessary to analyze each case in particular. For such cases Hair transplant in Lahore. it is better to visit the clinic