Nicer thicker hair

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As a child, I was known as the girl with the beautiful head of hair. I was compared to Pocahontas because of my locks that were so long that I had to watch out for is not to sit on. It is dry, brittle and hangs limply at my face. On my head I have to tease sometimes to make it look fuller. Sore subject for a woman if you ask me! Yet, I'm going to talk about it. Cosmoplast is best clinic for hair fall problemBecause I am not the only woman who is fed up with her thin hair. In this blog post you could read about the underlying causes of hair loss and thinning hair in women. I myself have learned a lot during the writing of this article. Only I still did not now what was the cause of my thin hair.

Iron tablets and hair vitamins

So I decided to investigate. I asked for a blood test at the doctor. It showed that I had a very low ferritin level. To get it back on track, I have two months of iron tablets swallowed. I also swallowed her vitamins. And voila ... My hair was indeed something thicker. But with the emphasis on something. Because to say that I had my mane once again. No.

Thin hair in the family

And so I left me this time refer the doctor to a dermatologist. This introduced me various questions, including whether I have thin hair in the family. I had unfortunately 'yes' answers; both male and female relatives from my father's side have very thin hair. A genetically thing so.

Avoid stress and fatigue

I was under the dermatologist do little more than watch as much as possible on my iron and vitamins and ensure that I had the least possible burden of stress and fatigue. He gave it to me yet another important tip: using SLS / SLES-free, natural shampoos. According to him, know few people that the quality of your scalp and hair follicles can really deteriorate by ordinary shampoos. For me this was an incredible eye-opener.