Gynecomastia treatment

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Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore

The term gynecomastia refers to the hypertrophy of the breasts in the man.It is due to the excessive development of the mammary gland. Abnormal growth of the breasts in men is a frequent breast disease. It may also be due to a simple excess of fat. The increase of breasts in the man can be symmetrical or asymmetric. It is present either unilaterally or bilaterally. Cosmoplast is best clinic for Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore

Gynecomastia suitable for  whome

When you as a man or boy. You will face breast development (known in medical terms gynecomastia). It can be very annoying. Tight clothing does not look good example and also mentally.


Borstverkleinings-surgery in men consists of the removal of excess fat.Which ensures chest formation.  Gynecomastia occurs in many men. When young adults is about 10% of the male population suffer from breast tissue in older men and this rises to about 30%. There are several reasons for this for breasts in men. obesity, hormonal imbalance, illness and side effects of some medications. Usually there is not a clear cause to be appointed and there is genetic predisposition to breast growth.

The consultation Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore

Any cosmetic chirug will before being passed on to a breast reduction surgery schedule a consultation. During this consultation is asked out full medical history. To see if there is a hormonal or other underlying cause for the breasts, the doctor may also carry out the following:
  • Blood test - for metabolic and / or hormonal abnormalities.
  • Cell research in suspected malignant cause.
  • Ultrasound examination for research into the underlying causes in liver, testes, and / or the breasts.
  • BMI determination - Determines whether there is (seriously) overweight.
In obesity, the doctor will suggest lifestyle changes before proceeding to surgical breast reduction

Type of Breast reduction in men - surgery

Two type of Condition Breast development by excessive glandular This form of breast development is often seen in young men at puberty or just after puberty. The excessive glandular tissue can be removed by means of an incision (cut) around the nipples and excision of the tissue behind the nipple. These scars remain around the nipple over.

Breast development by excessive fat tissue

This form of breast development can occur in all age groups. This fat removed with liposuction. Breast development by excessive fat and skin folds This variant exists in many forms and can resemble a female breast in its worst form. For this o breast-treatment-men peration to be made more incisions (cuts), and will therefore be more scars. In this procedure, the physician will cut away excessive skin adipose tissue during the operation. When the breast really depends, then the doctor will "reform" the chest. Optionally, the nipple  moved also in this case. In general, the operation will be performed under general anesthesia.

Risks and complications Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore

Complications of breast reduction surgery are extremely rare.
  • Bleeding or poor wound healing, with or without infection
  •  Hematoma formation (blood accumulation) - usually temporary scarring
  •  Reduced or altered sensation in the nipple

The result Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore

Breast reduction for men is a relatively safe operation. What the end result looks like predicted before the operation. Which inter alia depends on genetic factors such as muscle mass. Hormonal balance and the healing ability of the body. Finally, also plays the elasticity of the skin (and age), a part in the final result.

What does Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore?

The cost of Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost is between Rs. 100,000 to 120,000 for treatment or all. Please make an appointment or  detail discussion visit our clinic Cosmoplast Gynecomastia Treatment Lahore or Call Now:0321-4945209.