Gynecomastia surgery in karachi

Gynecomastia surgery in karachi, Pakistan

Gynecomastia is a condition which is occurs due to over development of male chest or men boobs. Enlargement of male breast is caused  due to hormonal imbalance some time gynecomastia can be cause by diet, obesity, aging, drugs. Men with large breast feel uncomfortable which can cause emotional discomfort in the society which reduced self confidence. If you are feeling such kind of condition and want to get rid so meet experienced gynecomastia surgeon in Karachi. To get online free consultation then talk on dr amin plastic surgeon personal number +92 321-6357501. And get The Male Breast Reduction consultation. Or visit our clinic for gynecomastia surgery in karachi, Mostly gynecomastia  treatment is combination of  liposuction and gland removal

Gynecomastia surgery in karachi


Gynecomastia treatment:

Dr Amin offer Surgical procedure to  correct the gynecomastia problem . This surgical correction treatment for  male breast reduction  include the following procedures.

  • Liposuction
  • Excision
  • Combination of liposuction and excision

Gynecomastia surgery karachi

Male breast reduction surgery ( gynecomastia) is  pain less, 100% Safe perfect results  and mostly straight forward very simple aesthetic and cosmetic treatment. Every plastic surgeon  can not performed  gynecomastia surgery,  excellen gynecomastia surgery t results require a  experienced and skilled  approach that is Dr Amin yousaf gain from  specialized plastic surgery training and  experience in his career. If you are going to take gynecomastia surgery you must be care full while selecting the potential doctors . A Plastic and cosmetic surgeon who can performed gynecomastia surgery  very  safely and achieved  your  desire results.

 Gynecomastia Surgery cost in karachi

Gynecomastia in Karachi is one top trend and popular cosmetic treamten,. Our plastic surgeon performed gynecomastia at our clinic  on the daily basis.  Dr Amin yousaf have performed very huge number cosmetic and plastic surgery specially gynecomastia in Karachi. Dr Amin charge gynecomastia surgery cost  in range of Rs: 85000 to 125,000, Which include all kind of blood test and garment, pre and post check up.  Final cost of gynecomastia  can only be calculated or estimated after the consultation and  the physical examination. Book your appointment now for gynecomastia now!