Gynecomastia in Lahore

Male breast enlargement occur is  due to over production of female harmone (estrogen) and less production of male harmone (testosterone). This is call gynecomastia. The treatment of gynecomastia in Lahore like the different interventon of the breast, gives excelent results and shape of male boobs and chest. To Know more  about Gynecomastia in Lahore, Male boob reduction treatment cost in Pakistan write an email to us or call us at 0336-5111-808 for free online consultation with experience and senior plastic surgeon

Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia corresponds to an excessive development of the mammary gland of the man, Creating an excess of breast too raised, even a falling breast of thefeminine type. There is a frequently an excess of fat associated with it.Gynecomastia can affect only one breast or both, more or less symmetrically.The normal breast in humans consists of fat and an almost invisible gland. An excess of fat in the chest is often associated. The normal breast in humans consists of fat and an almost invisible gland. In case of Gyncecomastia, The male breast developls abnormally due to an excessive development of its various commonents like gland and fat typical gynecomastia associates an excess of gland and fat.

Gynecomastia in Lahore with Liposuction

It is the exclusive treatment for adipomastia (exclusively fatty gynecomastia) In the case of glandular gynecomastia , the mammary gland, Which is hardcan not be aspirated by liposuction. it can be removed surgicall. The removal of the mammry gland is called "mastectomy" Every thing depends on the size of the breast and elasticity of the skin. when the skin is sufficiently elastic which is the majority of the cases The entire procedure can be performed by a short and discreat incision around the areola. Which is located on the periphery of the lower half of each areola. IT represents a small semicircle. On the other hand when gynecomastia in Lahore is accompanied by a large excess of skin and is not elastic the incisions are horizontal more or less long and around the areolas

Gynecomastia procedure

Gynecomastia in Lahore  is Combination of 2 stages
1- I systematically perform a breast liposuction , and fatty extension of the breast to armpit and back. Liposuction lower the breast safely in a very simple way It allows t isolate the excess mammary gland which will bhe removed easily by targeted surgery
2-I then realize whenever necessary a removal of the remaining gland by a lower periareolar scar.

Advantage of Gynecomastia in Lahoer with liposuction

  • Reduces surgical detachments
  • Perfectly delineates the excess gland
  • Promotes skin retraction allows a harmonious and homogeneous treatment of the breast
  • Shortens the duration of operative follow-up

Result After gynecomastia in Lahore

The result is immediate with a disappearance of visible breasts from the first dressing the day after surgery.

The final result of gynecomastia in Lahore is not observed before 6 months to 1 year, particularly because of the progressive nature of skin retraction. On the other hand, as of 3 months, the final result is obtained on the fat volume.

The scars around the areola are not visible most often. Rarely, long thoracic scars in case of major cutaneous excess are visible, but may be concealed by chest hair.

Gynecomastia in Lahore, Male boob reduction treatment cost in Pakistan

The price of gynecomastia depends on two parameters: the type of treatment required (liposuction alone, subcutaneous mastectomy. It also depends upon depend on type of anesthesia, hospital, experience of doctor and grade of Gynecomastia level.  Gynecomastia in Lahore, Male boob reduction treatment cost in Pakistanis normally in range of   50,000 to 75,000

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