Facelift Surgery

face-lift-surgery-lahoreWhat is Face lift Surgery Lahore

Face lift is a process of  removing excess skin, soften fine lines (wrinkles) to tighten skin and muscles of the face and recreate the proper angles in the face again. Cosmoplast Cosmetic Surgery has gained a reputation as the best and most respected Cosmetic surgery and Face lift Surgery Lahore.


Lifting is an English word meaning stretching. For this reason, in aesthetics, you can speak of lifting for any situation that involves a stretching of the skin.
Lifting or Stretching in Madrid
ost known facelift is the face. We can also talk about lifting on the thighs, arms or any other situation in which we stretch the skin.

How Perform Face lift Surgery LahoreFace lift Surgery Lahore

Face lift is a process of  removing excess skin, soften fine lines (wrinkles) to tighten skin and muscles of the face and recreate the proper angles in the face again. Since there is bone resorption may require facial fillers, osteotomies or placement of prostheses in areas such as the chin.

However, colloquially when we talk about lifting about we understand that we are talking about face lift.
Did you know that not all facelifts are done in the same way?

It is true, as in other techniques when performing a face lift we can use different ways to do it.

There are other techniques that beyond skin removal. Which seek to return the entire structure of the face to its original situation. Such is the case for example of the endoscopic techniques that treat in addition to the face all the expression of the eyelids and the gaze.

In general it is rare to perform a facelift before the age of 40.Light and dedicated skins sometimes age faster. Whether or not to perform a facelift will depend on the situation of each person.

The facelift is used to soften the passage of the years. It is done when those time marks already exist on the face where the lower line of the jaw has been lost and the skin has fallen.

Is the lift a surgery for women only?

Of course not. Although women are the most sensitized with aesthetics, more and more men who use cosmetic surgery techniques to look better or to correct aesthetic defects that is not always due to the passage of time. In the case of lifting up to one of every four interventions, men are performed in the same way as eyelid surgery: blepharoplasty.
Cosmetic surgery, increasingly fashionable among men.

Men and women fortunately. We have been equating not only in rights but also in customs. The old taboos and social stereotypes that attributed certain customs only for women or only for men are increasingly out of use. Today, in a competitive society in which we live, man is increasingly concerned about his personal aesthetics, and appear less age than he has. In this way more and more men resort to cosmetic surgery interventions to improve their appearance or to erase the passage of the years.

Is the post operative very annoying?

To make any intervention of this type and above all the facelift. We must have a few days of tranquility at home. The facelift is not a painful surgery but it is a surgery that requires relative rest and compression of a special chin rest.

Cost Face lift Surgery Lahore

The cost of Face lift Surgery Lahore depends upon type and injection. Normally cost Face lift Surgery is between Rs. 80,000 to 120,000 . Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin Yousaf will give you special discount at cosmolast for Face lift Surgery Lahore or call now:03214945209