Blepharoplasty in Lahore

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What is Blepharoplasty

Aging will make almost anyone with excess skin and tissue above the eyes. Often your little mark here, but for some people this excess skin makes for a tired or angry look. Do you experience this? A blepharoplasty removed excess skin and fat. A correction of the eyelids is a minor procedure which also leaves behind virtually no visible scars.

 Surgery for drooping eyelids

The eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly perform cosmetic procedures in the Netherlands. Annual leave many thousands of people operate on their eyelids. For example, because they want to get rid of their weary and somber look, or because their vision is limited by very low drooping eyelids.

The occurrence of drooping Eyelid

With aging relax muscles and the skin becomes less elastic. As a result, there may be a build-up of loose skin on the upper eyelids arise. The weaker muscles can go from fat bulge what causes a thickening of the eyelids. This looks like "bags" under or over your eyes. In some people, this aging process makes sure the upper eyelid pressing on the eyeball and / or hang across the globe. There may also be deeper lines or creases arrive in the lower eyelids. This can lead to various complaints, such as:
  • See less.
  • Headache.
  • A tired look.
  • An angry or sad glance.
A blepharoplasty already reduced these symptoms and often completely resolved.

 Consultation Eyelid Surgery 

When you are considering a correction of the eyelids, you can make an appointment for a consultation with a doctor. During this consultation may ask, complaints and wishes are discus During the consultation will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a blepharoplasty. So the doctor will check your eyes and eyelids. Also will be asked for your medical history and any medication. If the doctor you will find a suitable candidate, he will discuss the results of the operation can be expected with you. Important to know is that is remove at a blepharoplasty only excess skin and any fat. There will always remain some loose skin, to properly open and eyes shut.

consultation with the doctor

  • Your medical history, use of medications, allergies.
  • Your current general health.
  • Any previous operations.
  • The view of the eyelids by the physician.

Reimbursement from the insurance?

Corrections to the eyelids are sometimes seen as a medically necessary procedure, such as the eyes can barely open. When this is the case then the insurance will usually reimburse the blepharoplasty. It is important to know that in the vast majority of cases eyelid surgery are considered cosmetic ( "nice-making") procedures. In these cases, you turn yourself in for the cost. A doctor can determine if a blepharoplasty in your case is medically necessary, or be labeled as cosmetic. See also: fee fory eyelid surger.

Eyelid Surgery - surgery

The surgical correction of the eyelids called "blepharoplasty". Blepharo means eyelid and plastic is plastic surgery. In some patients, conducted at the request surgery under general anesthesia. With a local anesthetic you can go home again after a few hours. At full anesthesia required a day case. Whichever method is chosen mainly depends on your situation and your own preferences. Keep in mind that an operation under anesthetic is almost always a few hundred euros more expensive. Before the surgeon or physician begins the surgery, he or she draws on the skin area to be removed. This area is cut away excess skin. Sometimes this also removes excess subcutaneous fat. (2) The cut (incision) is made in the crease of the upper eyelid, the crow's feet to the nose. By here to make the cut is the scar that remains barely on after the operation.

Eyelid surgery with laser

Besides the traditional blepharoplasty, which is performe with a scalpel (knife), you can now choose from more and more clinics for laser blepharoplasty. In these cases, a laser is use instead of a scalpel used as a means for cutting away excess skin.eye-lid-pakistan In principle, there is no special advantage of a correction, which either with laser or is carry out with a scalpel. Several studies show that there is no noticeable difference in quality of results and recovery time is between the two methods. Which method is best, therefore, mainly depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon with one or both methods.

Correction of the upper and lower Eyelid Surgery Pakistan

Sometimes an upper blepharoplasty is combine with a correction of the lower eyelid. This is also true for the cut to be made in the natural skin folds or lines around the eye, such as the laugh lines. This makes the scar also is barely noticeable. When there is no need to be remove in the lower eyelid only excess fat and no excess skin tissue, then this is also done via the inside of the lower eyelid. With this method, there is no visible scar.

Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

After the procedure you may have swollen eyelids, red and / or blue look. Because there is usually no connection is made, you can just take a shower and wash.  The stitches are remove after five to seven days. Swelling pain and this is counter balance by cooling the eyelids. It is also advisable to follow as much as possible, at least the following advice during the first two weeks: The eyelids then you the first week to be cool several times a day. Often it is recommend to do this at least 4 times a day. For this, you use a special cooling glasses. Many surgeons ulcers in addition, with the use of sandwich  

Bags with frozen peas.

  • The utmost hold up your head, for example, by sleeping with an extra pillow, swelling goes against.
  • Avoid strain of your eyes. Avoid as much as possible bending, straining and lifting.
  • Take it easy the first few days.
  • No eye makeup, not until the stitches in any case be out.
  • Hold the eyelids dry while showering.
  • Avoid during the first two weeks as much exposure to the sun and other heat sources (eg. Sauna).
These tips often work together properly in order to prevent the swelling and pain as much as possible. As a result, painkillers often not necessary. Because of the swelling, it is possible that you can not open or close properly your eyes in the first few days after surgery. Especially at night, it is important to counteract drying out of your eyes. This is done using eye drops or ointment, which you can get from your doctor. Once the swelling subsides, will reduce these problems and eventually disappear. The scars will be pink during the first months but eventually they are barely visible.

Risks and complications Eyelid Surgery Pakistan

Surgery of the eyelids is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures and the risk of complications is usually very small. Still, eyelid surgery you should be aware that surgery, and any surgery carries certain risks with it. The plastic surgeon will clearly explain all the risks. Itself can minimize the risks by keeping to the advice of the doctor and have no significant medical information behind. Most complications go by itself, such as fluid retention and puffiness around the eyes. Nevertheless, it is good to consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Possible complications of eyelid surgery are

  • Bleeding.
  • Accumulation of blood under the skin (hematoma).
  • It can not be entirely opening or closing of the eyes.
  • Asymmetric eyelids.
  • Pulling the eyelid scar reaction.
  • Numbness of the eyelids.
  • Fluid retention around the eyes.
  • Bumps or pockets of fluid (cysts) in the scar.

Result After Eyelid Surgery

If the swelling is pull away, the result of the surgery is often already well visible. The swelling is usually only completely disappeared after about one month, but takes all sharply within days to weeks. The scars are usually barely visible because they are cover in the crease of the eyelid. For the complete healing of the scars you have to take into account a period of several months. Usually the scars barely visible after 1-2 months, but it can take up to 6 months before the final result is visible. The result of the operation is almost always prolong. All of the eyelids can always go over again what hang by aging at a later stage.

Advantages Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery usually has several advantages. The biggest advantage is often an improvement in the appearance of the eyes and the look of the face. But complaints often take off like an oppressive and heavy feeling in the eyes, and many people feel more rested.
Most men and women satisfied with the outcome of their blepharoplasty.