Eyebrow transplant

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When you're a part or your entire brow, you are lost for example, offer an accident or hair loss, then an eyebrow transplant outcome may. This procedure is also used in women and men who want a different form of their brow. Cosmoplast is best clinic for eyebrow transplant Reviews | cost Pakistan

Eyebrow transplantation after hair loss or an accident

Some people have little hairs on the spot of the eyebrows. This can naturally be so, but also, for example, caused by an injury such as burns, due to disease, or for example by excessive epilation. If you want fuller eyebrows then, you can consider an eyebrow transplant. See also Eyebrow lift An eyebrow transplant is a transplant, which can be performed in two different ways: by means of the FUT (Follicular Unit Trans platation) method, or by means of the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method

Consultation before eyebrow transplant Reviews | cost Pakistan

Each eyebrow transplantation is different. One would like fuller eyebrows and the other wants to fill bare spots. Therefore it is important to have a preliminary conversation with the doctor you wish and questions you can discuss. During the first interview, the doctor will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. In some cases, provides a hair transplant no solution, such as, for example, in the disease androgenetic alopecia, or with the use of certain medications. The transplanted hair will fall again under these circumstances. Please note that your surgeon may ask you to use your medication. Furthermore, the surgeon will look at your eyebrows and assess which technology is right for you. If you still prove a suitable candidate, the surgeon will discuss the exact procedure to you.

How an eyebrow transplant performed?

There are several different techniques are possible for an eyebrow transplantation. The best-known techniques are the following: The procedure of an eyebrow transplant is similar to that of a hair transplant. The hairs on the eyebrow transplant are usually taken from the back. These hairs are obviously not the same as 'normal' eyebrows. Therefore, carefully considered the most appropriate hair. These are the thinnest hair. Only these are removed from the back to achieve a very natural result of the eyebrows. It requires expertise in order to place the hairs as closely as possible above the eyes. They should be as flat as possible and all of them are placed in the same direction. Otherwise you risk to get very bushy eyebrows. average 150-500 hairs are used for a full eyebrow restoration.

Eyebrow transplantation by means FUT

PEP treatment is performed under local anesthesia. The treatment takes about 3-4 hours. This has been transplanted need to be depending on how much hair. After anesthesia of the scalp, there is a strip of skin is cut away on the hairy part of the occiput. This area is also known as the donor area. On this strip of skin down hair which can then be used for the eyebrows. This area is also known as' the transplant area. The wound thus created on the back, attached carefully. This will leave a scar. The strip of skin (with hair) is then put under the microscope by an assistant. The assistant cuts the piece of skin back into pieces (grafts). This is done so that each piece contains one to four hairs. Our surgeon Dr Amin Yousaf at eyebrow transplant Reviews | cost Pakistan clinic then makes small holes in the transplantation area in which the hairs can be transplanted. Within a few days,

Hair transplantation by means FUE

FUE treatment is also performed under local anesthesia. This treatment lasts about 6 hours. What is different about this treatment is that no strip of skin is removed in the donor area. With a hollow needle is immediately removed a piece of skin from the donor area that contains 1-4 hairs, after which these hairs are implanted. So you will not get big scar, but only small dots scar tissue. In addition, the most suitable hair can then be sorted out as carefully as possible. The pieces are thus first taken for one and this treatment will therefore take more time than FUT treatment. If there are sufficient bits have decreased skin makes the doctor small holes in the transplantation area. Then the hairs are transplanted one for one. The treatment can be done in 1-2 sessions. This will depend on the number of hairs to be transplanted  

Cost for eyebrow transplant Reviews | cost Pakistan

The cost of eyebrow transplant Reviews | cost Pakistan depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of  surgery is between Rs. 50,000 to 100,000 . Please make an appointment for detail discussion visit our clinic or Call Now:0321-4945209.