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Double chin treatment in Pakistan

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The chin is a very crucial part of your face. Chin augmentation can therefore quickly improve the harmony and balance in the face and can prevent and improve appearance.


double-chin-removal-surgery-lahoreChin augmentation

Achin correction is performed on people who suffer from too large, too small or crooked chin.By applying a chin correction of the relationships in the face can be more in balance. It is used primarily for cosmetic reasons, so to beautify the face.If your teeth can not be good to each other because not only you but your whole chin jaw is too big or too small, there is usually there is a medical reason to operate. In that case, you do not need a chin correction but a jaw operation, which is much larger and what advice you can ask your dentist or oral surgeon. In some cases, a chin correction is performed together with a rhinoplasty  and double chin or right instead. This is because the chin and nose along the profile and presence of strongly determine the head and a balance is sought in here.

The first consultation for double chin treatment in Pakistan

may ask during your consultation with the plastic surgeon, complaints and wishes are discussed. The procedure is only reimbursed by the insurance company if there is a medical indication for surgery. With a chin correction, the reason is often cosmetic surgery and is therefore usually not reimbursed.

During the consultation are also discussed your expectations with your doctor and tell the doctor if you can be satisfied here. It’s good to know that your chin is very crucial to take care of your face and a different size or position for a whole new look. Subtle changes are also possible, this can all be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Other things that may be requested by your doctor or discussed during the consultation are:

  • Medical history, use of medications, allergies
  • Your current general health status
  • Any previous surgeries
  • Watching your jaws and possibly taking pictures by the doctor.

Chin correction – the operation

A chin correction can take place under local anesthesia and under general anesthesia (anesthesia).


To shrink the chin, a piece of bone is removed, or a little connective tissue and / or cartilage. This procedure is usually used in humans where the chin protrudes too far forward or too looks stretched.

Most doctors opt for an approach that is operated from the bottom of the chin. For example, bone, connective tissue and muscle tissue may be removed.

Chin augmentation

When you want to correct a greater chin, this can be achieved with a chin implant, a prosthesis. This is a narrow strip of silicone in the form of a half moon. The prosthesis is specifically measured on your chin. The doctor makes a small cut (incision) on the underside of your chin or on the inside of your mouth. The incision is then made between the gums and teeth under your lip. The first option is left under your chin a small scar after surgery. The advantage of the second option is that there is no visible scar remaining after the surgery. The disadvantage of a wound on the inside of the mouth is that the risk of infections after the operation is larger. If you want other operations such as a face lift or rhinoplasty, these can be conducted simultaneously with the chin correction.

In some cases, the doctor may also choose to increase the chin by lipofilling. This is the injecting of the body’s adipose tissue in the chin. Consultation with the plastic surgeon about the possibilities.

Recovery after the chin correction

After surgery, you get a strong connection to your chin and head should remain a week. Food and drinks will be difficult in the first two weeks. There bruising may occur (bruises) and your chin will likely be still thick and sore for a while. Also your lower lip may feel still deaf for a while, but it also attracts disappear by itself. pull the bruises after a week away, but it may take a few weeks before the swelling has completely gone. The final result is then really good to see. If the wound on the inside of your mouth is, you have to be extra careful attention to teeth and good oral hygiene for your to prevent wound infections. It is wise to go along to the dentist before the surgery is done, to make sure that you have healthy teeth. This reduces the risk of infections.

Risks and complications for double chin treatment in Pakistan

Any surgery has risks and possible adverse effects. The surgery for chin correction is no exception. In addition to the general risks of a general anesthetic or sedation, such as an allergic reaction to anesthetic or patches, the following complications may occur:

  • Infection
  • impaired wound healing
  • bleeding
  • Shifting of the implant
  • Capsular contracture around the implant
  • Persistent numbness of the lip
  • Muscle weakness around the mouth

A kinverkleining gives a greater risk of complications than a chin augmentation.

Sometimes, a second operation is needed in order to solve one or more complications. This is the case, for example, in capsule formation around the implant. This occurs when tissue is to grow firmly to the implant, wherein folds in the skin can be visible. This can be solved surgically.

The result after double chin treatment in Pakistan

The final result of the chin correction is seen after about a month. The swelling and bruising than if the property has been fully withdrawn. A chin correction gives a lasting change in your face. Most people also do not take this decision as quickly but they are mostly satisfied with the result.

Cost For double chin treatment in Pakistan

The Cost For  double chin treatment in pakistan upon type and injection. Normally is between Rs. 50,000 to 120,000. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount.

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