Double Chin Surgery

There is a new injectable in town! The trend in the field of cosmetic treatments and alternative Coolsculpting is perhaps Kybella.  Cosmoplast is best clinic for Double Chin Removal Surgery Lahore. What is Double Chin Removal Surgery Lahore and what is it used for?

What Double Chin Removal Surgery Lahore

Chances are you’ve never heard of Kybella. Not surprising: this substance that is injected like botox is relatively new and was blown over from the United States this year. In the Pakistan Kybella is very widely used in cosmetic clinics.

Kybella is a synthetic variant of the substance deoxycholic acid. A substance which is naturally present in our body. The acid causes localized fat is broken down and absorbed.

Has worked on Kybella more than nine years before they brought the product to market. During the development process, there have occurred several clinical studies. From the results of which showed that Kybella acts as a means to remove fat around the chin. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America has Kybella approved as agent decreases the presence of fat. The FDA evaluates drugs, food and medical devices. They hereby apply very stringent test requirements. The requirements are generally much stricter than those of comparable European bodies. An FDA-approved label therefore says a lot about the efficacy and safety of a product.

Where Kybella help against?

Kybella is an injectable that is being designed only to diminish fat in the chin. Briefly Kybella helps you on your chin ( “double chin”) off. After treatment with this substance is more streamlined and your jaw is gone your chin. It is not recommended that means be used in other places as a treatment against fat.

Kybella is a treatment that many women (and men!) Are undoubtedly happy. A double chin makes you look older and are often fuller than you really are.

What makes Kybella so special?

Before the introduction of Kybella was a surgical procedure such as a neck lift is the only truly effective and safe method to remove a double chin. But without cutting into the body, it was not possible to remove a local fat in an effective way.

With the advent of Kybella can significantly reduce the chin with a few simple injections. A relatively safer and simpler way to handle the chin so!

How Kybella?

about 15 small injections are put per session, which takes a total of less than twenty minutes. Unlike Botox – the results are visible up to half a year – the impact of Kybella remain visible for years. How long exactly is not yet known, because the drug is use less than ten years and this is therefore not measurable.

Seems to use what to Kybella? Please note that you need to six treatments. Some women after two treatments already satisfied with the results, others need six Kybella treatments. How many treatments are need will eventually talk with the doctor. Between treatments each must sit a month.

Are there any disadvantages of Double Chin Removal Surgery Lahore 

For years, a tight jaw line without a double chin? That sounds almost too good to be true. That’s right: there sticking certainly some drawbacks to treatment with Kybella.

There is, after the treatment, a fairly large chance of redness, swelling and hard spots in the treated area. The chin may feel sore for a while. Yet these are not very crazy effects; they are similar to the risks attached to cosmetic treatments such as Botox for example.

Want to know more about how others have experienced these treatments? Take a look at the US review site Here are a lot of examples and experiences of people who have undergone treatment Kybella .

In exceptional cases occur nerve damage there too, which also lurks the danger of unequal mouth. Fortunately, the chances of this happening is very small.

Alternatives to Double Chin Removal Surgery Lahore

There are several other treatments for a chin, like the neck lift, lipolysis Cryolipolysis.

A neck lift a double chin can surgically “excise” and pulled tight. This often results in a significant improvement.

The chin can addressed with a lipolysis treatment. This treatment, also in the form of an injectable, has been offered for several years in the past. The results of injection lipolysis were often quite disappointing. When the inspection then received reports of serious complications, it was decided to ban the treatment. In the Netherlands, you can no longer treate.

Another recent treatment to reduce the double chin is Cryolipolysis. In this treatment, the fat is frozen with a device. The devices have a variety of special attachments. For example, there is also a special attachment in which the chin can treate.

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