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Dr Amin Yousaf is one of the top Breast Specialist in Lahore. Breast augmentation gives breast volume and improves the shape and proportion. With experienced plastic surgeons and high-quality implants have after breast augmentation as beautiful as natural looking breasts

safe breast Enlargement

Some women have naturally small or uneven breasts. With other size decreases, eg after pregnancy or weight loss. With breast augmentation, you give your breasts more volume. Also, you can improve the shape and proportion. If desired, you can combine a breast augmentation with a  breast lift , causing the nipple on a beautiful position. It is a misconception that breast enlargements always easy to recognize. An experienced plastic surgeon can accomplish with quality implants a very natural looking result. For a natural breast enlargement is a wide choice of breast implants available with any other benefits..

Placement of the breast implant

Placement of breast implants above the muscle gives the most natural result. The breast prosthesis is immediately below the breast tissue and moves in a natural manner with the body along. If you have a thin skin or a small amount of mammary gland tissue, the edge of the prosthesis at the top can be seen and felt.

Breast implant under the muscle or dual plane 

Placement of the breast implant under the muscle or dual plane  offers a solution if you have a thin skin or little breast tissue. Here the breast implant on the upper side is covered by the great pectoral muscle, and on the bottom by the breast tissue. The edges are therefore not felt. Also gives the breast implant stability, which is useful when placing larger implants.

Size, cohesion and shape of the breast prosthesis

When choosing forthe size of the breast prosthesis state your preference center. In addition, your lifestyle plays a role. Who for example, often running, may hampere by overly large breasts. But do not be too modest. Research shows that women afterwards rather larger than smaller would choose. Another aspect is the cohesion of the breast prosthesis , or the firmness of the gel with which the implant has been filled. A lower cohesion provides a flexible implant. Increased cohesion makes the implant better retains its shape. Regarding the shape of the breast prosthesis , there are two possibilities: anatomically shaped and round. Anatomical prosthesis to add more filling at the top of the breasts. Round shaped prostheses do so to a lesser extent. What gives the best results depends on the shape and volume of your breasts. Also see Breast Reduction .

Polytech polyurethane implants

After introduction of a foreign body, such as a breast implant, or pacemaker, your immune system responds by connective tissue to form around the object or hairstyle. During the natural healing process may contract, this connective tissue. Sometimes (10 to 15%) in the long term contraction is so strong that the breasts become hard and change shape. Case of implants with a sheath of silicone rubber, the chance of excessive capsular formation is small. In the use of polyurethane implants of Polytech capsular contraction occurs almost not occur. The connective tissue is not formed to the inserted Polyurethane implants but the connective tissue cells grow better in and become one with the implant. With the great advantage of turning or moving the polyurethane implant hardly occurs. Furthermore, your breasts feel more supple and there is rarely need repair. Additionally Polytech gives 10-year extended warranty on the occurrence of capsular contraction or movement of the implant in a breast augmentation.

breast augmentation by Breast Specialist  in Lahore

There are several techniques to perform a breast augmentation. The most commonly used technique is the inframmamaire breast augmentation . In this technique the surgeon makes a cut on the underside of the chest in order to insert the prosthesis. For example, the surgeon can position the prosthesis very precisely. The surgery takes place under general anesthesia and takes about 1 hour.

After breast augmentation

After treatment, the swollen breasts will for some time and feel tense. The tense feeling and take any redness of the scars gradually. For best results, take plenty of rest the first week. We recommend that you minimize strenuous exercise for six weeks (lifting, sports). Also, the first 6 weeks to wear a special bra.

The result

Immediately after the operation, the result of breast augmentation already visible. The result is permanent, with the exception of the natural aging of the skin. After about 9 to 12 months, the final result is able to form. After one year, there are the scars still just small white lines on. Due to the position, they are barely visible lines.

Risks and side effects

Veldhoven clinic uses only high-quality implants  of proven quality. The treatment is carried out by experienced plastic surgeons. The risks of infection or capsular contracture tiny. With the current leakage breast implants is no longer possible. After breast augmentation, we follow the recovery process with regular checks. Risks and side effects : bleeding and infection (such as with any surgical intervention), risk of infection (less than 1%, dramatically lower in non-smokers), change of feeling in the nipples or loss of feeling at the bottom of the breast, scar hypertrophy , capsular contracture. Our Breast Specialist in Lahore will advise on how to reduce the risks to an absolute minimum.