Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery in LahoreBreast reduction surgery in Lahore

Too large breasts reduced surgically, for example, to reduce back or neck problems. Even if you’re nervous about your bosom.  When you collide not fit the rest of your body, can provide a breast reduction solution. Cosmoplast is best clinic for Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

How Perform Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

Breast reduction surgeries are perform in women with too heavy or too large breasts. They can suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and / or psychological problems such as embarrassment or uncertainty.

By a breast reduction surgery breasts smaller and firmer. A breast reduction is usually not a suitable treatment for (very) sagging breasts. In those cases, a breast lift, breast correction,  Breast augmentation silicone implants,  Breast Silicon implantbreastAugmentation .  and Botox breast lift Augmentation is usually a better result. Also, a plastic surgeon can combine the two procedures.

The first consultation for Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

During the consultation with the plastic surgeon can discuss your complaints, questions and concerns. The surgeon will usually ask about your expectations regarding the outcome and surgery. The doctor will also explain how the intervention looks like and give you an idea about the results. To avoid disappointment, it is important that you have a good idea of the expected results.

Any medical information the plastic surgeon also needs you. The following questions can addressed during the consultation:

  • Medical history, use of medications, allergies
  • previous operations
  • Assessment of your current state of health
  • Examining your breasts

Type of Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

Breasts can reduced in a number of ways. Usually selected a surgical reduction, but can also chosen in some cases for a breast reduction using liposuction.

Liposuction of the Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

In some cases, breasts can reduced by means of liposuction. The advantage of this procedure is that there is left behind a minimal number of scars. Also, the recovery time is many times shorter.

Liposuction of the breasts can  performed successfully in women who have excessive fat tissue in the breast area. Mammary tissue is too stiff to suck, and this can, therefore, only remove with the aid of an operation.

A drawback of liposuction of the breasts include the breast softer and more can saggy eyes after surgery. When a reduction with liposuction can namely no skin to  removed, such as in a surgical reduction.

Except as stand-alone operation, can liposuction of the breasts in some cases also be a good addition to a surgical breast reduction. This is done especially when too fat from the armholte must removed after the surgical reduction for a better result.

Surgical Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

The vast majority of breast reductions are perform surgically. A breast reduction surgery takes place under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. In order to make the smaller breasts will removed glandular tissue, fat tissue and skin. This case is usually a cut (incision) made at the bottom of the breasts. The nipples get a new spot on the chest to match the new shape of the breast.

The breasts can reduced in several ways. Which method is select depends, among other things, on the amount of tissue which will  removed. The surgeon will always choose a method that minimize scars will remain.

Because the nipples almost always need a new place, in any case, around the areola will leave a scar. In the most widely used technique in addition. A cut made in the crease under the breast and areola from the downward. These cuts have the shape of an anchor, and it is then also call the anchor method. When do less tissue to cut then the doctor may also choose only one incision (cut) from the areola down. What is the best method for you, it can  together with the plastic surgeon.

Recovery after Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

When liposuction is use, it is often necessary to wear the first few weeks after surgery a solid (Sport) supportive bra or shirt. Furthermore, the recovery time is often short. Most people can resume their work after a few days. When opted for a surgical breast reduction than recovery is often longer.

Operatiete after a breast reduction, the breasts will connected securely. Usually, tubes (drains) there are also provided which moisture and drains blood from the wound. After one or a few days, the drains will remove again. The stitches will  taken out after ten to fourteen days.

Right after the surgery, your breasts swollen and his purse.  Final size of your breasts will clear only after a few weeks when the swelling is completely withdrawn. You can also suffer from breast pain, it slowly pulls away.

Often the breasts remain a few weeks or even months sensitive eventually pull this off. It is recommend after surgery to wear a well-fitting, sturdy (sports) BH. The size of the birsten yet changed as soon as the swelling subsides, it may therefore be necessary, over time, to change the Bh.

In a breast reduction will always leave scars. These scars can very red and thick in the beginning. It slowly pulls away. Strenuous exercise or activities like sports or lifting, is not advisable to six weeks after surgery.

Risks and complications of Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

Before you decide to proceed with a breast reduction surgery you have to balance yourself between the benefits and risks. Operations always involve risks with it, breast reduction is no exception.

In a breast reduction surgery, it is especially important to remember if you plan to give in the future breastfeeding. Because the nipple is also going to move to the lost connection to the underlying mammary glands. Breast-feeding is, in most cases, therefore, no longer possible.

Other risks and complications of breast reduction include:

  • bleeding
  • scars
  • wound infection
  • Feeling disorder of the nipples. This can improve but may also be permanently
  • Poor wound healing
  • breast pain

Showing smaller and firmer breasts

The results of a breast reduction can  seen immediately after the operation. Because there are usually a few more weeks there is swelling of the breasts, your breasts are smaller as this afzakt. The scars first red and thick, but gradually less noticeable.

The plastic surgeon usually can not predict exactly what cup size you will have after surgery. However, there may be an estimate and you can discuss in advance with the plastic surgeon your wishes. Eventually, the breasts will be smaller and sturdier. Also, the shape  changed to match the new size.

The vast majority of women  satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. Complaints of back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain often disappear completely, and many women are less uncertainty about their breasts.

Cost Breast reduction surgery in Lahore

The cost of Breast reduction surgery in Lahore depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of eye bag surgery is between Rs. 600,000 to 100,000. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount at Cosmoplast clinic for Breast reduction surgery in Lahore