Breast reconstruction surgery Cost in Pakistan,


Breast reconstruction surgery Cost in Pakistan, Breast Augmentation

Breast Reconstruction Surgery 

The breast reconstruction after breast cancer is currently one of the most rewarding surgical procedures in the world. Techniques used by surgeons for breast reconstruction have advanced a lot and today. It is possible to prevent the patient from being mastectomized since the reconstruction is performed while the breast is removed. For Breast reconstruction surgery Cost in Pakistan, Breast Augmentation call to Dr Amin yousaf Plastic surgeon and get detail information about breast surgery in Lahore


Treatment of breast reconstruction

The breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that consists of recovering the natural shape of the breast in women who for reasons of having a cancer mana has undergone a mastectomy.

The amputation of a breast due to cancer is an extremely hard experience for women and can create very serious psychological and personal problems. Therefore, a breast reconstruction surgery after a cancer or even an immediate reconstruction can have a clear psychological benefit in the patient.

Breast reconstruction surgery procedure

The type of surgical intervention to be performed is explained in order to achieve the best results. The technique most used in breast reconstruction surgery is through the implantation of prostheses, being a process similar to breast augmentation.

Breast reconstruction surgery does not only focus on restoring the structure and appearance of the breast, but also reconstructs the nipple and areola, if necessary, recreating the breast and leaving it looking natural.

Breast reconstruction surgery Cost in Pakistan, Breast Augmentation

The cost of Breast reconstruction surgery in Pakistan varies from Rs. 200,000 – 500,000 Pkr. Breast reconstruction surgery Cost depends experience and skill of Plastic surgeon who performed. Breast reconstruction surgery costs in Pakistan can vary widely. A surgeon’s cost for breast reconstruction may vary based on his or her experience as well as geographic location. visit Dr Amin yousaf Plastic Surgeon Clinic in DHA For more information regarding Breast reconstruction surgery Cost in Pakistan, Breast AugmentationBreast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast tightening, Breast Lift, Breast Surgery