Breast lift surgery

breast-lift-surgery-in-lahoreBreast lift Surgery in Lahore

When you hang breasts are flaccid and / or no longer fit in with the rest of your body then you might consider a breast lift. The breasts are made firmer and lifted with this procedure. Cosmoplast is best Clinic for Breast lift surgery in Lahore

Sagging breasts- Breast lift Surgery in Lahore

By age, pregnancy and weight of the breasts can lose their firmness and go hang. One solution is a breast lift (mastopexy), the breasts lift. In addition, excess skin  removed, which provides strength. A breast lift is basically a different procedure than a breast augmentation or breast reduction or breast correction or Botox breast lift . However, a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation, it shall have a (small) implant inserted into the breast during breast lift. Also, a breast liftcombined with a breast reduction, in this case, the surgeon removed some of the more breast tissue during the breast lift. An alternative to the breast lift is the Breform breast lift . In this procedure, there is placed an internal BH in the breast which gives firmness and creates a lifting effect. See also Breast augmentation silicone implants,  Breast Silicon implant

The consultation for Breast lift surgery in Lahore

Before you choose a breast lift, you have a conversation with the plastic surgeon. He will ask why you want a breast lift, what the symptoms are and assess whether a breast lift is the best solution. The plastic surgeon will check if the breasts are large enough to be lifted. also examines what outcome is best for your body. In addition, the plastic surgeon will ask you to:
  • Diseases in the past,
  • allergies
  • medications
  • Breast cancer, for you or your family
Good reasons to choose a breast lift are asymmetric (uneven) breasts and sagging breasts with nipples pointing downwards. Because your breasts through pregnancy, breast feeding and waste form may change, it is wise to wait with a breast lift until you have children is over.

Breast lift surgery in Lahore

The breast lift performed under general anesthesia. Once you sleep completely the surgeon begins the surgery. There are several ways in which breasts lifted. In most cases, the surgeon chooses to make in order to make cuts around the nipple, including two in a obliquely downwardly and the breast fold, similar to the shape of a keyhole. Subsequently, the nipple   pushed up and re-attached to the chest. If it is necessary, the nipple reduced. The skin beneath the breast is brought towards each other and also attached, thereby is lifted to the chest. Sometimes it is necessary to also remove some breast tissue. A final suture is under the breast in the breast fold. After surgery, the scar will be in the form of an anchor. This is the classic method. There are also other methods to lift the breasts. When the breasts hang still not very can make it be sufficient to slices around the nipple. The nipple pushed up and attached firmly (donut method). It is also possible that the surgeon has sufficient to an incision around the nipple and two obliquely downward (vertical mastopexy). There is then no incision in the breast fold. This will create a I-shaped scar.

Breast lift with implants

When more volume is desire.  Then placed also breast prosthesis during the operation. These placed in the majority of cases through the incision (cut) which  made in the body already in the breast fold.

Recovery after Breast lift surgery in Lahore

It is left behind a small tube (drain) after surgery to drain wound fluids and blood. This often may the next day. After surgery, you wake up with a strong connection to your breasts. The first 6 weeks you will need to wear a sports bra. Depending on the surgery you can go home the same day, or you need to stay overnight in the hospital. Once the anesthetic has the breasts can painful fully developed. The pain can you take paracetamol. The breasts may swollen after the operation and there may bruising occur. After surgery have someone take you home and it's nice to have the first days someone who cares for you. 14 days after surgery, you can try to go back to work. It is also wise to sleep on your back the first time. Furthermore, you may not exercise for a few weeks, swimming and heavy lifting. If you start experiencing severe redness, chills or fever, call your plastic surgeon always.

Risks and complications For Breast lift surgery in Lahore

A breast lift usually without major complications. The first days after the surgery, the breasts will painful and swollen. Further, the skin will turn blue, and are sensitive. This draws after a while. Complications that can occur include:
  • Infection
  • Poor healing of the wound, resulting in new surgery is sometimes necessary
  • bleeding
  • sensitive nipples
  • Deafness of the breasts and / or nipples
  • Uneven breasts and / or nipples (also natural breasts are never 100% identical)
  • Discolored skin or pigmentation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Thrombosis

Result Breast lift surgery in Lahore

After 3 months, the swelling  reduced and the final result is visible after about 6 months. Scars are unavoidable, but the doctor will do its best to minimize this. Over time, the scars will be less visible. Your breasts keep the new form and a new operation is often not necessary. However, by age, pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss results may lost. That may be a reason to opt for a second breast lift. Big heavy breasts will hang more quickly than smaller ones.

 Cost Breast lift surgery in Lahore

The cost of Breast surgery in lahore depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of eye bag surgery is between Rs. 100,000 to 150,000. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount at Cosmoplast clinic for Breast surgery in lahore