Breast silicone implants

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Consider your breast surgery and want to know more about breast implants? The type of breast implant (also called breast prosthesis) and the material of the prosthesis you choose, have a direct influence on the look and feel of your "new" breasts. This article is a summary of the most important features of breast implants and where you can look for when choosing. Cosmoplast is best clinic for Large Boob|Breast lift silicone implants|types Lahore

choosing breast implants Large Boob|Breast lift silicone implants|types Lahore

Choosing the right breast implants is something that you do in consultation with your plastic surgeon. It is important to make it clear you know your options and wishes.

Material of breast implants: silicone or alternative

There are several materials that are use to make breast implants. The best known material is silicone. But there are alternatives, such as:
  • Implants with a saltwater solution.  These implants are especially widely use in the USA. In the Pakistan, they are not very popular and you need to find a doctor who can put them to you.
  • Implants with a hydrogel solution.  In these implants, use is made of a water-based gel.
Each implant type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the existence and Saline Hydrogel implants in the body material. In case of a rupture, the risk of physical symptoms thereby virtually nil. However, most plastic surgeons give preference to silicone implants. This gives them according to the most beautiful and natural results. Most women and plastic surgeons find a breast augmentation with saline implants less natural and beautiful eyes and feel than an enlargement with silicone implants. Hydrogel implants on the other hand, approaching the look and feel of silicone implants. The biggest reason why women opt for these implants is because they do not feel fine with the idea of silicone into their bodies.

Shape of the breast implant: round or anatomical

Breast augmentation with a medium-profile around implant (350cc) with saline. This picture clearly shows the effect of the shape.
Breast implants are available in two forms, namely as full and round as anatomical, or teardrop implant.

Round breast prostheses

Round breast implants are the classical way to enlarge breasts. This breast prostheses breasts enhance both at the top and bottom. This makes the breasts get a slightly rounder and fuller appearance. If you choose these implants it is often more clearly visible that the breasts are enlarge with surgery.

Anatomical breast implants

In addition to the round breast prostheses can also choose anatomical, or teardrop-shaped implants. These implants contain relatively more volume at the bottom than at the top. As a result, the breasts are therefore more enlarged at the bottom than at the top. These breast implants have been developing in order to achieve a more natural result. What type of breast implant suits your body and your wishes, best in consultation with a plastic surgeon can determined.

Profile of the breast implant: high or low profile

The profile of the implant determines the projection of the breast. In other words, how far the implant reaches forward. The profile of the breast implant you choose determines together with the size and volume of the breast prosthesis in general shape and contour of the "new" breasts.

Breast Prostheses low profile: subtle breast augmentation

A breast prosthesis with a low profile provides a subtle breast augmentation. The neckline is less prominent and the new shape of the breast is relatively natural.

Borstpotheses high profile: a firm and rounded breast

A breast prosthesis with a high profile breastfeeding a distinct contour. It makes for a prominent cleavage and a convex shape of the breast more pronounced visible in your silhouette. Types of silicone breast implants (Note; Siltex). On the left round implants with different profiles and right anatomical (teardrop) implants with a low and a high profile.

Size of the breast prostheses: from small to huge

The size of breast implants is shown in cubic centimeters. The larger the implant, the more cc's contains. Breast prostheses are available from more than 125cc to 1000cc (1 liter). The choice of format is frequently dependent on, among other things:
  • the current shape of the breast
  • the current size of the breasts
  • body building
  • the look of the 'new' breasts
It may well be difficult to imagine how big the breast implant should to achieve the desired result. The plastic surgeon can often advise you which format best suits your physique and skin. It is important for this that you can make clear how your ideal end result could look like. For example, take some pictures with breast enlargements approaching your desired result. For Large Boob|Breast lift silicone implants|types Lahore visit our clinic or call now:0321-4945209