Botox Filler

botox-fillerBotox filler Lahore

Fillers are a good treatment for people who are bothered by wrinkles that are becoming more apparent with age. Fillers are often a good alternative to surgery which must be cut, such as an S-lift or facelift. Cosmoplast is a best clinic for Botox filler Lahore.

Fill wrinkles with fillers

From about our 25th year of life our skin makes less connective tissue and elastin. Also, the skin retains less moisture. The skin becomes less elastic and weakened steadily. This causes wrinkles. Smoking, stress and UV radiation such as sunlight accelerate this process. To the face to give a fuller and more youthful character, a filler may be injected under the skin. This is a good way to prevent static wrinkles. Static wrinkles do not hang together with muscle movements, but are the result of the relaxation of the skin. These include lines cheekbones, cheeks and chin or hanging from the corners. Dr Amin Yousaf is best doctor for Botox filler Lahore

Dynamic wrinkles

Wrinkles associated with muscle movements (such as crow's feet around the eyes or forehead wrinkles) are called dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles get well treated with Botox. Fillers are also used to make it look young again lips. In addition, fillers applied to other body parts. A popular spot is the back of the hand.

The consultation

Prior to treatment, a discussion between you and your doctor about your wishes and expectations. The doctor will ask about your medical history and your medication. Make sure you always mention all medications, even if the drugs are not prescribed. The doctor during the consultation will also assess your skin treatability and make your plan of treatment. Sometimes, there will be proposed a combination treatment, the doctor hereby used not only fillers but also botox to treat wrinkles.

The wrinkle treatment with fillersdermal-filler-lahor

The filler is injected through a thin, hollow needle. The doctor will properly cool the surrounding area with an ice pack to prevent swelling. Here, also goes from an anesthetic effect, so that in most cases, the treatment is painless. Some people experience the treatment as painful nonetheless, in that case, an anesthetic cream can be applied or sedated by injection. Treatment with fillers takes about half an hour. After treatment, you can immediately go home, but you should not rub the injected area after injection for three hours. Often can not be more than one treatment and have to undergo follow-up treatments. This depends on the skin and the effect desired.

Risks and complications

Many people have trouble shortly after the injection of a light swelling, skin burning and itching. Usually still away draws this same day, but sometimes several days to comply. In a few cases there is a bruise. Treatment with hyaluronic acid is very safe, only 0.1% of treated people allergic reaction to this product. Other fillers have a somewhat greater risk of side effects and allergic reactions.

The result

The result is immediately visible and holds 6 to 12 months. The gel is not hard, but remains under the skin and there takes on the properties of the skin. The body breaks the gel slowly, and this will eventually disappear entirely from the body. Thereafter, the process can be repeated.

What does Botox Filler cost in Pakistan?

The cost of Botox Filler surgery in Pakistan depends upon type and injection. Normally cost botox fillerĀ  is between Rs. 15,000 to 40,000 for both upper lid or lower eye lids or all. Please make an appointment for detail discussion and might be Dr. Amin will give you special discount.