Blepharoplasty surgery


 Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan

Blepharoplasty is a surgical technique that involves the removal of excess skin, this type of operations can be complete, superior or inferior, this refers to whether the bags are removed in the eyes in both eyelids, or only in the upper or Lower. Cosmoplast is best clinic for Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost lahore pakistan

Restoring low-hanging eyebrows with a brow lift

Because aging can weaken the forehead skin. As a result, the eyebrows, to drop down. This can lead to problems at the sight. In addition, drooping eyebrows make you look older and give you a gloomy and tired appearance. A brow lift, by means of surgery or with Botox, may be a solution for the above problems. When not in front of the head, but drooping eyelids are the problem, then it is an eyelid surgery, in most cases a better alternative.

Consultation Before Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan

Before a brow lift performed, first a planned consultation with the plastic surgeon. All important matters related to the brow lift discussed during this call. The surgeon determines whether the desired brow lift is feasible. Then discuss which treatment method is most suitable for you and what results can be expected here. Possible risks and complications of the brow lift called. During the consultation the doctor will also ask about the following:
  • general health
  • allergies
  • medical history / previously undergone operations
  • drug use
When using blood thinning medication, the doctor will ask you to stop these few days before the brow lift. Smoking is not recommended because it can increase the risk of complications in wound healing.

How eyebrow lift performed?

A brow lift carried out in various ways. There is the surgical brow lift, but the brow can be lift with Botox. see also

Surgical browlift

Depending on the treatment method and your needs determined whether the brow lift performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. Prior to the brow lift to remove the section of skin is mark on the skin by the surgeon.
The brow lift  carried out in several ways
  •  Just above the eyebrows or halfway through the forehead skin removed
  • At the hairline or even more skin removed
  • The eyebrows to remove elevators skin through endoscopic (keyhole surgery)
The removal of skin just above the eyebrows or the middle of the forehead is particularly suitable for older people or people with wrinkles on the forehead. The scar placed in one of the folds for a good result. In humans without prominent wrinkles in the forehead  chosen for the removal of skin at the height of the hairline. Then there is no scar be visible on the forehead. At a viewing operation, the eyebrows  lift without the skin  removed. Over 4 to 6 small slices of a small camera inserted. Thus, the inside performed surgery well  imaged. The skin of the forehead and the eyebrows detached from the forehead, pulled taut and reattached to the skull (possibly with small screws).

Recovery after Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan

In the case of an exploratory operation you will probably still contained one or two days. The subscribed link and staples to close the wounds are remove after a week at the clinic. If you have inserted screws remove after two to six weeks at the outpatient clinic. In the case of the other treatment methods for the brow lift can be a few hours after the treatment at home. After a few days will remove any stitches and the connection to the clinic. Thick, colored and puffy eyelids are a common problem after a brow lift. This will reduce after about a week. Any mounted head bandage kept dry. In order to relieve the swelling of the eyelids and pain always use wet compresses to cool the eyelids. Efforts which can increase pressure on the head to be avoide. For a good recovery, it is important to protect any scars against UV radiation.

Risks and complications of Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan

Seriously thick, blue and puffy eyelids can obstruct the view, but this is rare Change in sensation around the treated area Infection or bleeding Change of the scar tissue Asymmetry (for example, the eyelids)
Also, some risks associated with a brow lift with Botox:
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pain or bruising at the injection site
  • Bleeding and irritation of injection

Cost of Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan

Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan depends upon whether performed under local anesthesia or G.A. Normally cost of  surgery is between Rs. 40,000 to 80,000 . Please make an appointment for detail discussion visit our clinic for Blepharoplasty|eyelid surgery cost Lahore Pakistan or Call Now:0321-4945209.