Breast correction

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Many women would like round, perky and firm breasts like. However, not every woman is blessed with 'model breasts. The one she finds too little, others too weak or hanging. Will you really unsure of how your breasts look, then you might consider a cosmetic breast enhancement.In this article we discuss the differences between two commonly performed breast corrections: the breast lift and breast Augmentation with own fat or implants and also nipple correction. Cosmoplast is best clinic for Best breast augmentation|Boob Enlargement Procedure|Cost Lahore

Breast augmentation: Breast correction for larger and fuller breasts

Would you like to have larger breasts or you simply look too small in relation to the rest of your body, you can offer breast augmentation solution for you. The name says it all; The treatment is focused on making bigger breasts. This can be done in two ways, through implants or lipofilling .

Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation with implants is performed under general anesthesia. The implants are always inserted by making a cut to the underside of the breasts, in the armpit or around the nipple. At which place is being cut, depends on the type of implant, no matter how you are built and what the plastic surgeon advise you. Of course there is always as much as possible into account your wishes and what you feel comfortable with. In any event, the scar will always be as unobtrusive as possible. A natural result? The implants consist of a silicone or plastic bag filled with silicone gel, a saltwater solution or both. Previously round implants were always used, but they can provide an unnatural result. Therefore, nowadays increasingly used teardrop implants; these eyes more natural because they are less crowded at the top than at the bottom. What are the risks? As are at any cosmetic surgery there are risks that you have to reckon with. When a breast augmentation using implants can suffer from bleeding, infection, sensitivity or insensitivity correctly in the breasts, wrinkled skin, fluid retention and breast pain.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer

More and more women opting for lip augmentation as a way to enhance their breasts. Lipofilling is the filling of a particular body part with your own fat. There is first removed through liposuction fat from a body with sufficient grease. For example, the abdomen or thighs. In a breast augmentation with lip augmentation, this fat is injected in the breasts. The latter is done under local anesthesia A natural result? Breast augmentation with fat transfer gives a natural and subtle results. That's because the body material (your own fat) is injected into the breasts. This is therefore not a "lump" in your chest, but just scattered everywhere good. In addition, it is a great advantage that there is no need to draw an incision (cut) in order to bring in this fat. The fat is injected namely by means of a needle. The only disadvantage of lipofilling is that your breasts are not a lot firmer and pronter to be. If that is really what you want, then you better opt for implants. What are the risks? The liposuction prior to lipofiling brings some risks with it. So there may be rare occurrences infections or bleeding. At the portion at which the grease is injected into the breasts, one does not normally expect to side effects or complications.

Breast lift: breast correction against sagging and drooping breasts

You will find that your breasts hang too much or that they are too weak, then a breast lift is the treatment that suits you. Here are your breasts namely strengthened and raised; lifted. A treatment that offers mostly outcome in women who are age.

How does it work Best breast augmentation|Boob Enlargement Procedure|Cost Lahore

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. When a breast lift cuts are made around and under the nipple, to loosen and move upwards. The breast tissue is brought toward each other under the new place where the teat cup is moved. This ensures that your chest and your nipple get caught up. The excess, remaining skin of the breast is removed. Sometimes, even, the adjusted shape of the nipple.

A natural result Best breast augmentation|Boob Enlargement Procedure|Cost Lahore

Since no foreign materials are introduced into the breast in a breast lift, this gives a natural result. However, it is also inevitable that there are hereby scars will occur. These will fortunately, over time, become less conspicuous.

What are the risks Best breast augmentation|Boob Enlargement Procedure|Cost Lahore

Usually the risks are not very intense with a breast lift. Shortly after the surgery, the breasts can be painful and swollen and a bit sensitive. This pulls itself away. In other cases, there may be some risks such as:
  • infections
  • subsequent bleeding
  • sensitive or even insensitive breasts / nipples
  • uneven breasts / nipples
  • discolored skin / pigmentation
  • allergic reactions or thrombosis

Breast correction Combination: Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation

In cases where there is a desire to make the breasts both greater and firmer can be chosen for a combination of a breast lift and a breast augmentation. In this procedure, there is initially performed a breast lift and after the implants are placed. Then everything is closed again attached.

Prices and costs of breast corrections

Listed below are starting prices for the chest adjustments discussed above.
  • Breast lift from Rs:120,000 to  200,000
  • Breast lift with Implants from Rs:100,000.00 to 150,000.00